What the Greeks actually eat (the Blue Zones are a myth)


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  1. I would love it if you would talk about hormones.

  2. Keep in mind that the Orthodox Church still maintains traditional fasting. No meat or dairy or fish with a backbone, no eggs every Wednesday and Friday. Christmas and Easter for about six weeks as well as a few shorter periods.
    A tourist eating at restaurants in Greece will miss this.
    Chris Masterjohn from Weston Price .org. Is Orthodox and can provide more insight.
    Also, Natasha Campbell McBride is Russian. She says vegan eating is a form of fasting and can detox you if kept to short amounts of time.

  3. joey bladez says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:01 am

    What are your thoughts on olive oil? Is it dangerous in regards to linoleic acid?

  4. Richard Middleton says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:03 am

    You get a huge amount of Vitimin D living in Greece I bet, that has to play a big part in their health.

  5. Henrik Madsen says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:03 am

    @Saladino, or anyone who knows: I would really will LOVE to know: 1. What is their BMI?? Lower than average sapiens?? (I think staying slim is maybe more important than what you eat – backed by Danish professor Tjønnelund). And 2. How much do they MOVE around?? More than average sapiens?? (maybe longevity benefits of moving more). And 3. How STRESSED do they feel?? Less than average sapiens?? (I believe there is more to longevity than what we eat).

  6. TASOS THEODORAKOS says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:03 am

    anybody who comes to greece must try ”kokoretsi” !!! the ancients called it ”plekto” ,it’s in homer. What is it ?? sheep organs wrapped with intestines !!! i love it !!!

  7. Joseph Marcello says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:04 am

    Paul you are cherry picking your guests to conform to your philosophy.. she had clearly said at the end of her presentation that this culture used far less carbohydrate than the rest of grease, which leaves a hell of a lot of grease that is using far more carbohydrate, not to mention the entire peninsula of Italy next door

  8. Alexis Espinosa says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:05 am

    Greece is doing really great with COVID compared to rest of Mediterranean countries. I bet if it is because of healthy goat consumption.

  9. They need to do a series of "myth breaking" videos. Ms. Ruddick should go to In-And-Out Burger and Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers located in Loma Linda. She can break the news that eating burgers and chicken fingers is the reason for the longevity of the residents of Loma Linda.

  10. InfiniteQuest86 says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:06 am

    It should be illegal to propagate lies about diet and health. People trust what they are being told by authority figures, and it is tantamount to murder. They get rich selling their products, meanwhile the people they are selling to get sick and unhealthy. How do we live in a society where this is not only okay but embraced and encouraged?

  11. The title of this video "What the Greeks actually eat (the Blue Zones are a myth)" and the guest are both ridiculous. It is pure disinformation. The Ikarians of today, eat a very different diet, than was eaten by Ikarians in the past. Ikaria was one of the poorest islands in Greece, so meat was a luxury. It was eaten rarely. The longevity benefits are from what Ikarians used to eat, not from what they are currently eating. Ikarians ate legumes- lentils, split peas, white beans, black eyed peas and chickpeas.They ate grains- wheat in the form of home made bread. They ate vegetables- dark leafy greens, potatoes, onions and garlic. They ate fruit- grapes, figs and olives. They drank water, wine, sage tea, chamomile tea, mountain tea and Turkish coffee. They used olive oil. Goat meat was eaten rarely, so when they killed a goat, they ate every edible part. Fish was only eaten regularly by islanders living close to the sea, most islanders did not live close to the sea.

  12. Elle MelbAus says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:07 am

    Dr Saul Newman, a researcher at the Australian National University, has written a paper debunking the blue zones.

  13. EatMeatandLiftWeights says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:07 am

    I am from Greek/Cypriot background and this is what people eat the most: bread, pasta, pastries, few legumes, anything made with white flour, sugar and oil. Many are overweight and those over a certain age have shopping bags full of medications. Of course they do include dairy, meat, veg and fruit BUT bread, pasta and things made of flour, sugar and canola are consumed the most. The elderly live on toast, couple of olives and coffee. God help anyone who does not eat bread at every meal!!!! The ones that try to lose weight go on extremely low fat diets which are not sustainable. They do not like exercise. I am not being judgemental, just my observation from people. Nobody I know of adheres to a proper Mediterranean diet. What they have is an extremely high, simple carb diet diabetes and obesity is common. I often cop sh!t from people because I walk at lot.

  14. GᗩY ᖇETᗩᖇᗪ says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:08 am

    Lmao Paul is falling in love.

  15. Aydn of Astro-Action says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Please check out film called “Are You Here”. Great film that more than touches on diet, Veganism and mental illness. With Owen Wilson and Zack. Galifinakas.

  16. Very interesting.

  17. Joseph Marcello says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:10 am

    Respect your work, but your titles and comments are far too cavalier to respect.. there are in fact blue zones, and their diets have been well documented, Okinawa and The Seventh-Day Adventists for most among them. You cannot so easily destroy valid and careful research in order to conform to your philosophy. get real and stay real and you’ll be worthy of respect as well.

  18. Exoticspeedefy says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:12 am

    You do realize they ate more vegetables back in the older times than they do now, also they have more heart disease now. on ikaria they do have a period of fasting where they abstain from eating meat and eat only vegetables that’s a tradition

  19. Jill Valentin says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:14 am

    Apart from the red onion and the Feta cheese an authentic/traditional greek salad is All fruit!

  20. Henrik Madsen says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:19 am

    Boy this girl SHINE! More than Paul even – and that’s NOT easy! 🤗🤗 to you both! Henrik / Denmark 🇩🇰

  21. We eat in Greece lot of grains vegetables some fruits lot of lagumes beans little bit meat some fish some dairy.
    Our national food is a bean soup we called it fasolada.
    Don’t spread misinformations.
    Greeks eat a balanced diet with everything in it but our diet is based to the plants.
    Traditional Greek diet IS NOT meat based diet.
    Go to ask the oldschool generations what means Greek diet not the americanized young people that they copy American’s food habits .
    They are malakes don’t give attention.
    P.S1 Restaurants are not represent the real Greek diet.
    They want to make fancy plates delicious unhealthy.
    Because if they make bean soups aka fasolada, lentils aka fakes, spinach pie aka spanakopita they will have less costumers because everyone can make those simple Greek foods at home.
    P.S 2 Our ancestors used to eat meat only at Christmas, Easter and panigiria(local celebrations for saints etc)
    That means only few times in a year.
    Today’s Greeks forgot our traditional way of eating that’s why they are not like our ancestors healthy and strong.
    They are sick and obese like Americans.
    Because they eat lot of craps like meat white bread sugar and fast food.

  22. Hello , Greek here. I don’t know where she went but we eat pasta , legumes , potatoes , cow dairy and of course pork and lots of bread , just so you know

  23. Vassilis Ioannou says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:25 am

    Ikaria is not all of Greece, The lady is not right in everything she is saying . We do eat beans (gigandes) traditional Greek dish and are national dish (fasolada), we do eat sweets at the (Zaxaroplastio) shops more then you can imagine. we eat beef, We don’t eat lamb like you Americans are always claiming, only at Easter time.

  24. Bela Kovacs says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:27 am

    Another industry sponsored myth busted just by checking it out!

  25. george borb says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:27 am

    I am a greek from a blue zone , mountain region of Crete and also coast, it’s very close to each other 😉. We eat exactly like the girl says. On mainland Greece they eat more pork than lamb and goat but we have all one in common: We take our calories from fat. Olive oil, dairy, fatty meat and sardines. The people in my place are mostly herders and eat almost only fatty meat and they are the leanest people you have seen. We eat fruits but only to a small amount. A traditional breakfast is a cigarette and a coffee so we practice intermittent fasting hahaha.

  26. Resting Bitchface says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:27 am

    When I went to Greece, I ate more goat and dairy than I ever had away from home in my life.

  27. Tomás Calvo says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:28 am

    I like how Dr. Saladino doesn’t interrupt his guests like other interviewers do.

  28. Drake Santiago says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:30 am

    In my opinion, the ultimate barometer of whether a person understands the pitfalls of nutrition research, and the shortcomings of epidemiology in particular, is the amount of faith they place in The Blue Zones. The more faith they have that The Blue Zones edifies a plant based position, the greater their ignorance. Thank you Dr. Saladino and Ms. Ruddick for illustrating how suspect the conclusions are derived from The Blue Zone studies.

  29. Goat is absolutely NOT the ordinary meat we eat in Greece, neither are organs. They are eaten on special occasions. We eat mostly pork followed by chicken and beef. And always tomato/cucumber greek salad and bread

  30. Isn’t this the Mary Ruddick who claimed the Maasai tribe suffers no heart disease and are perfectly healthy? I guess dying at an average age of 55 is normal to Mary. And, I guess for those people who eat animal heavy diets you can’t expect to live much longer. We now see her traveling around countries like Greece claiming there is no such thing as a Medeterian diet and Blue Zones are a faked research. She of course is correct and the thousands of researchers and tens of thousands of research paper published in peer reviewed journals over the last seventy years were all lies.

  31. I think Paul is in love and I can’t blame him haha

  32. Black Sails says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:35 am

    Yeah lol, if you go to a village/island then maybe that’s what some people eat, considering many have their own personal goat/sheep farms, but in cities… it’s just like the rest of EU.
    Obviously if you go to a restaurant then yes, every1 there gets meat-based diet. But also grains, alcohol, soda, potatoes….

  33. mark marcinik says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:37 am

    So much for the Mediterranean diet.

  34. Walt Warner says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:38 am

    A couple weeks ago on the stephanie Keto person channel ( she did a video saying why carnivore does NOT work long term but keto does. Interesting points but wondered what others thought. Thanks

  35. But you do know that not Greece as a whole is considered a blue zone. Its Ikaria. And the elderly did not eat more then 10% of meat. And here nowadays experience doesnt matter because the younger people eat allot different then the centenarians. Same in Okinawa.

  36. Tanya Kormiltseva says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:40 am

    Amazing video with Mary – please do part 2
    Thank you, Paul!

  37. Thank you! This myth needs to die.

  38. John Rogers says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:43 am

    I keep hearing iron overload and yet she ate pork liver daily for the summer? Is this an overblown issue?

  39. Emilio Orsini says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:46 am

    I got very sick on carnivore diet and I almost died. Check out what happened to James blunt !

  40. MyLifeForAuir87 says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:48 am

    I got confused with "Ikaria" and "in Korea" at first…

  41. Ralf Olonson says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:53 am

    This is so … provably … Historically correct ! … splendid stuff!

  42. Not really true. they do eat quite a bit of carbs. Pita and other breads, pasta, backlava, fruit, honey, potatoes,. They eat lots of chicken and pork, eggs, yogurt, feta cheese, butter, olive oil, chickpeas, coffee. The biggest difference is that they don’t have many PROCESSED FOODS. They tend to bake with honey more than other countries. They also have an abundance of organic foods, especially in the more rural areas. And it’s not just the food. Many of the small villages don’t have many cars, are hilly, and people walk everywhere, and get more SUNSHINE. They are family oriented and have a more supportive social structure. It is the whole LIFESTYLE, not just DIET.

  43. Interesting. I was never in Greece, but I lived a couple of years in Switzerland and Northern Italy, a little more than 50 years ago. In Switzerland the cuisine was very similar to American households. No fast food as such,but lots of breads and sausages. Sauerkraut was a common side dish. In Italy the staple was pasta and bread with very small portions of meat. Pork was the mainstay. Olive oil was ubiquitous and served with every meal. Meat of any kind was very expensive and this was reflected in the portion size. A "Mediterranean Diet" in those days was a slice of bread with cafe latte for breakfast, pasta with various cheese and tomato sauces for lunch and wine for lunch and for dinner they often served an antipasto of cheese and cured meats (mostly pork) with olives followed by a meal of pasta or rice with a small portion meat or fish. About half the time they also served soups for both lunch and dinner (Chicken and vegetable with small noodles was most common) Desert was usually a sweet pastry.
    I remember very few obese Italians, but I attribute that to the portion sizes. Their diet was entirely slanted towards carbs.
    My grandmother lost her leg to diabetes which turned gangrenous and eventually killed her. My dad, same as my grandfather died of heart attacks. I’m in my 70s now and mostly carnivore.

  44. The Ornish Reversal Program is the first program to be covered by Medicare under the new category of Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation. It remains the only program scientifically proven in randomized controlled trials to reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease by lifestyle changes, without drugs or surgery. It is too bad that Bill Clinton followed the advice of Dr. Ornish instead of Dr. Sanadino’s advice of eating steak, liver, kidney, suet and egg yolk. I think the outcome would have been better.

  45. Dhanush Varthiboina says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:56 am

    And then comes "plant based news" creating myths in the name of "myth busting" … their bullshit added with emotional marketing while misleading people into sickness, their doctors themselves look ill as hell.

  46. Joe Lunchbucket says: February 10th, 2023 at 4:57 am

    How can we prepare ourselfs, in case we’re mandated or blackmailed into vaccinations? Someone suggested to load up on vitamin-d and quite heavy loads of saturated fat a few week prior to the shot and a few weeks after, could be protective against bad side effects. Would that make any sense.


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